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Online marketing

It is no longer enough to have a web site it must attract traffic and it must convert traffic into enquiries (more if you are selling direct but that is not the focus of this web site). These two objectives reign supreme.

We have available a whole host of services to help you elevate the performance of your web site - see the box below - but the starting point is to make the most of what you've got at the moment. Our software analyses existing performance or your site and, using the data, we can then produce a plan for increasing traffic on a regular sustainable basis.

There is often a limit to what can be achieved within the structure of an existing site and we will then recommend improvements that can be made to generate higher rankings and more traffic.

Traffic is only the start however as it needs to be converted into enquiries. Our software can be used to analyse the site to identify where traffic is being lost, suggest improvements and we can implement them either directly or through your existing web site designers.



Internet strategy

Site analysis and diagnostics

On-line and off-line integration

Monitoring using analytics

Web design

Graphic design


Optimisation of site structure

Landing pages




SEO  Web_site_Optimisation

Image optimisation

Edit content
Search engine marketing


Submission of domain to search engines



Conversion techniques

ROI and metrics

Pay-per-click advertising

Manage campaigns

Google, Yahoo, Bing




Contact us through the link above for a free evaluation of your site.


See some of the web sites we have worked on as project managers, SEO or other capacity.


This site was developed in India but we produced the ‘branding’ package: new company name, complete corporate identity including, leaflet, mailshots, stationery etc.


Not our design but we did optimise the site increasing traffic from 8000 visitors a month to 32,000.


All our own work. What started as a ‘nice thing to have’ catapulted into an essential part of the administration of the school.


A site with a difference as it uses a UK based site for the customer facing pages but a site hosted in Austria for the shopping database and transaction facility. Not ideal, but it works and saved the owners a substantial sum in getting it to do what they wanted.


 A new B2C site aimed at occasional users of parcel shipment services.


One to watch as we re-invigorate this very complex site.




Updated: 10 October, 2011
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