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Marketing consultancy and support services

Marketing Assistance Ltd has helped numerous businesses boost their marketing, aquire new customers, retain existing ones whilst often cutting marketing costs. The end result is increased profitability.We can often access support funding to pay for all or some of this. Schemes vary from month to month so its is worth contacting us to see what might be available. (see article: Marketing_WIIFM?)

The starting point is a review of your existing marketing.

Marketing audit

This "where are we now" analysis is an essential first step in any project designed to improve your marketing. It includes looking at your existing marketing performance as well as a review of the potential markets for the business. The methodology of the audit is a great way of ensuring that all aspects of the problem are taken into account.

The audit addresses the strengths and weaknesses of your customer aquisition and retention procedures and will vary depending on the markets you are selling into.

Following the audit you will be provided with a comprehensive report showing where there is potential for improvement. You can take these forward in a number of ways:

  • In-house implementation

    Implement the recommendations uing your in-house personnel and expertise with the option of guidance/mentoring from the consultant who conducted the audit.

  • Outsourced implementation

    Retain outside support to work with your people to implement the changes or to undertake more intensive studies. Examples are:

    • prepare a marketing strategy and plan
    • assess new markets
    • prepare a promotional campiagn
    • direct actuion in the form of telesales, direct mail etc
    • A customer satisfaction survey to find out why you are not outperforming the competition.

                             (see article: Outsourcing_marketing)

  • Training

    Training can take two forms: individual skills training or conducting dedicated workshops to thrash out strategy or address specific issues. In-house strategy workshops are a very effective way of resolving conflicting demands upon respources by using a third party to keep discussions on track and maintain focus. There is more information about training in the dedicated section on this web site.



All marketing consultancies have a better chance of making an impact if they work with you over a long period of time. See the Maas section for more information.

Contact us using the form above for our views on how to make your marketing project come to life.

Updated: May 17, 2011
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