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Briefing papers

As we meet a problem in our everyday business we often publish the findings here.


STAR surveys for Housing Associations

The new specification for tenant satisfaction surveys is discussed here (page link, January 2012)

Outsourcing_marketing (January 2012, pdf)

Advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing in lean times.

Google_SERPS Consistent, repeatable . . you must be joking (pdf, June 2011)

You may look at your computer and see your site ranked at #1 but that doesn't mean your colleague nearby is seeing the same thing.

Market_research_and_segmentation_using_Google_Analytics (pdf, June 2011)

Google can provide you with insights into your markets and market segments using your web site traffic data.

Mapping_the_SEO_process (pdf, May 2011)

If you are not sure of what does what in the Search Engine Optimisation process this map - in the form of a fishbone diagram - may help. It puts into context the role of on-page optimisation, signposting through off-page marketing, the impact of social sites, PPC, blogs and article marketing. Up to date as at May 2011!

Filtering_out_in-company_traffic from analytics (April 2011, pdf)

Distorting your analytics with internal traffic stats fools no-one!

Identifying_hot_spots_on_your_web_site (April 2011, pdf)

Peppering your website with buttons and links may confuse rather than help. See which ones are attracting interest and traffic - and which aren't - with this useful tool.

Choosing_the_best_domain_name (April 2011, pdf)

SEO is fine but it is so much easier if you start with a good domain name.

Local_marketing (March 2011, pdf)

We last wrote about this in July 2010 and it is becoming one of the new battle grounds on the internet. Get up-to-date here.

PageRank_is_changing (March 2011, pdf)

If you saw your Page Rank plummet in January or are wondering why you are not up there in the SERPS, this could be the reason why.

Assessing_market_size and market penetration. (March 2011, pdf)

A new approach for SMEs. SMEs are at a disadvantage when it comes to market information but new techniques in market research will help to level the playing field.

Social media and B2B marketing (November 2010, web page)

Are Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin just hype in a Business-to-business marketing environment?

Monitoring social site activity (November 2010, web page)

Keep an eye on what the social sites are saying about your company.

Propecting using Linkedin (November 2010, web page)

With the increasing resistance to conventional sales calls increasing does Linkedin offer a viable alternative?

Keyword_research (October 2010, pdf)

It's taken just two months for our last paper on this subject to need updating. The process remains the same but the tools are different, and better.

Google_operators (October 2010, pdf)

They are not as complex as you think. Try our crib sheet.

Constructing an_Elevator_Pitch (October 2010, pdf)


Using trademarks to build your business (September 2010, pdf)

The law is fluid but it can be expensive to get it wrong.

Marketing strategy - 10 tests (September 2011)

Is your strategy fit for purpose? These ten tests, or statements, should cause you to stop and think about whether your strategy will stand you in good stead.

Marketing - What's In It For Me? (August 2010, web page)

If you've ever struggled to understand marketing and what it can do for you, try our simple but practical explanation.

Adwords Quality Score and how you can improve it (August 2010, pdf)

At the heart of your success with Google Adwords is the Quality Score

Web_site_Optimisation (July 2010, pdf)

Ten steps you can undertake in-house to keep your site in front of your potential customers.

Voice_of_the_Customer (July 2010, pdf)

Capturing the Voice of the Customer is a fundamental requirement if your products/services are to remain relevant in today's tough markets but it can also be a source of new product innovation as well as informing and giving focus to your quality management system.

Lean Six Sigma marketing and the sales process (June 2010 pdf)

Learning from manufacturing, has the quality movement something to contribute to marketing?

Making_the_Most_of_Google_Adwords (June 2010, pdf)

Adwords is changing day-by-day but here are six key points to bear in mind (updated June 2010)

The_Power_of_Focus (April 2010, pdf)

The 10 major benefits of bringing focus to your business.

On-line Customer Satisfaction Surveys (April 2011.page link)

Try our on-line demonstration.

Market segmentation (June 2008, pdf)

Become hard-headed about market segmentation.

SWOT Analysis (January 2008,pdf)

The SWOT analysis if often misunderstood in a marketing context.





Updated: 15 August, 2012
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