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Customer satisfaction surveys

Customer satisfaction surveys are an increasingly important part of business life and are an essential element of any quality management system worthy of the name. They can also provide insights which can revolutionise a product offering and create real competitive advantage.

Whilst it is perfectly possible for any company to organise a survey themselves we find that using an independent third party to do so has distinct advantages:

    • it increases the number of replies
    • the responses are more frank and revealing
    • the findings are analysed and reported without prejudice.

Marketing Assistance Ltd has developed its own methodology to weight buying criteria so that the relative importance can be identified. This is based on an algorithm derived from the American Customer Satisfaction Index making it particularly suitable for business-to-business situations.

This means that the client can weight product or service features which are deemed to be of especial importance and produce an overall rating for customer satisfaction which is comparable with previous years or with competitors.

For many companies, especially those which are selling services, a customer satisfaction rating will be the only proof of performance and evidence that the supplier is not selling a pig in a poke.

Periodic repetition of the customer satisfaction survey is the preferred methodology for clients producing repetitive products whereas project based companies often prefer end-of-project assessments. Those providing contractural services will find that periodic surveys can identify problems with contract reliability and nip these in the bud before they become contract theatening issues.


Updated: May 17, 2011
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