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Consultative selling

For many small businesses face-to-face selling is a huge challenge. It can go against the grain and even be considered demeaning. And yet without a sale you haven’t got a business. One of the aims of this course is to demystify the face-to-face element of selling. It looks at all aspects of the sales conversation using a common sense approach as well as dealing with some of the fundamental techniques such as body language, closing, handling objections and some basic negotiating techniques.



Anyone involved in selling the business who is uncomfortable with the process.


One day workshop.


1. To de-mystify the sales process so that it is treated as an everyday part of the business.

2. To equip participants with essential skills to make the face-to-face process both simple and unthreatening.

3. To give participants and understanding of more advanced techniques to keep control of the sales conversation.


• Understanding attitudes and approaches to selling
• Abilities needed to sell successfully
• Making a positive personal impact
• Golden Rule of selling
• Structuring the sales conversation: the ABC sales model
• Body language
• Listening skills
• Closing techniques
• Handling objections
• Negotiating skills
• The sales pipeline



Workbook course notes with exercises completed during the workshop.




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