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Promoting your Business

Small businesses struggle with the sheer number of different promotional routes available to them and are disappointed when an investment in promotion does not produce the desired result. The accusing finger usually points at targeting, creativity and the message and this course addresses all three issues. Get these right and the investment will not be wasted, get it wrong and you join the ranks of those who know that half their spend on advertising is wasted but don’t know what to do about it.


Small business owners and those responsible for promoting the business in both established and start-up businesses.


One day


1. Understand how to construct a communication

2. Apply the principles to print adverts, direct mail, press releases and to on-line platforms such as pay-per-click advertising, articles and blogs.

3. To provide a method for analysing and choosing between different promotion options.


The advertising and promotion options and how to choose between them
Promotion as an investment decision
The role of the various types of promotion - what they can and cannot do
Planning a promotional campaign - 5 questions to ask, and answer, first.
Choosing the right ‘publication’
Formulating the content of your promotion: headline, graphics, body copy, legals, logos etc.
The language of headlines: what works and what doesn’t.
Applying it to different pieces: adverts, leaflets, press releases, direct mail, eShots.
Getting maximum impact
Examples of good and bad promotional practice


Short form notes are provided for the one day courses plus electronic copies of the presentation materials in PowerPoint.



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