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Monitoring social site activity

Like them or despise them the social sites have the potential to influence business levels whether you are marketing B2B or B2C. Other articles on this site will look at the why and how but this one concentrates on monitoring: what is the world saying about you and what is it saying about your competitors? Is it good or bad and do you need to do something about it?

An easy starting point is to sign up to one of the free tools on the internet. All you need to prepare in advance is a list of keywords (for your business and your industry) and a list of competitors or brands.

Here are some free tools to get you started.

one of the original social monitoring tools with the look and feel of a search engine. Monitors social activity across over 80 platforms including all the big social networking sites.

Yes even Google is in on the act. Some argue that Google Realtime is dominated by Twitter but being relatively new this may change.

Don’t ignore Google Alerts (available through the Google web page). This is a simple tool which lets you target certain keywords and exclude others. Set up the initial search word or phrase and over time you can exclude many of the more irritating non relevant alerts.

Uses the dashboard approach to help keep pace with the ever changing world of social networking.

And one paid for tool: www.viralheat.com


November 2010



Updated: 8 November, 2010
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