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Market studies and special projects

The distinction between a market study and market research is blurred as the one often involves the other but the main distinguishing feature is the predominance of desk research or secondary research in a market study. By accessing information which has already been collected for another study you save considerable time and cost. Market studies using secondary research are considerably cheaper to produce than from primary sources and so are an important first phase in any serious screening process.

Examples of studies we have undertaken include:

ICS Triplex

A review of the installed base of emergency shutdown equipment in the North Sea oil and gas fields.

Unipart Rail

Identifying potential new markets for the company exploiting their existing capabilities.

St Cedds School

Competitive analysis of provision of primary education within its operating area and the potential to expand. Report provided the basis for a successful application for capital grant funding.

Assemtech Europe

Feasibility study for the establishment of a European distribution centre in Belgium.

Harlow Renaissance

Identifying recent inward investors and producing case studies based on their experiences.

Hylands House

A review of competitor product offerings and pricing.

Sustainable Design Tools

Specifying product features of a new software suite and producing a marketing plan for its successful launch in the UK.


Updated: 1 October, 2010
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