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Marketing your Business

Marketing has a major contribution to make to even the smallest business. It promises above sector average profits, continuity of demand and a break with me-too competition. Too often it fails to deliver on this promise due to poor understanding or inadequate implementation. This one day course seeks to bridge this gap in understanding by studying the marketing process and how it can be applied even in the smallest business.



Small business owners, MDs and those responsible for growing the business such as marketing and sales management.


One day


1. Understand marketing as a process and how it can be introduced and applied in the smaller business.

2. Explore the components of the process using a 7-Step model

3. Show how the various parts can be incorporated into a plan to market the smaller business.


Where are we now?
The scope of marketing in the smaller business: the task defined
Stages in the marketing process
Auditing the present position - the marketing audit

Where do we want to be?
Marketing objectives and intermediate metrics
The revenue pipeline

How do we get there?
Marketing strategy - where the battle is won or lost:

Targeting, Positioning, Differentiation and Branding.

Mix and match: determining the components of the marketing mix:

Product, Price, Promotion, Place, Physical assets, Processes and People

Putting it all together into a realistic, achievable plan


Short form notes are provided for the one day courses plus electronic copies of the presentation materials in PowerPoint.



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