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Every Business is a Growth Business!

This seminar explores how smaller businesses can grow revenues through organic growth even in tightened economic circumstances. It explores the three core strategies for business growth and participants will develop a good understanding of what will and will not work in their own businesses. It assumes limited resources are available and is therefore based on a low cost approach. Participants leave with a ‘Route Card for Business Growth’ which will enable them to apply the principles away from the seminar as well as a checklist of ‘25 Business Growth Strategies’ to stimulate further activity.


Smaller business owners, MDs and those responsible for growing the business.

Business advisors and Business Support organisations.


One day - 3 day course is in development


1. To develop an understanding of business growth options with a focus on organic growth.

2. To explore each option within a framework of payback, risk and return.

3. To provide a step-by-step means of evaluating the options and determining the best way forward.

4. To suggest Next Steps—actions that should be taken to grow the business.


Where are we now?
Understanding business growth and measures of growth
The 3 core paths to business growth
How these apply to your business and their impact on profitability

Where do we want to be?
Setting growth objectives and milestones
Targeting the most profitable customers

How do we get there?
Positioning the business for growth
Differentiating and branding
8 key action areas to kick start growth
25 Business growth Strategies for Small Businesses
A Route Card for Business Growth



Short form notes are provided for the one day courses, full notes for the 3 day, plus electronic copies of the presentation materials in PowerPoint.



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