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Branding and corporate identity

"The first time in my marketing career that I had to change a company name and give it a complete makeover in terms of corporate identity the task was quite daunting. This was a a company with 13,000 employees so it involved a new name (trademark implications as well as Companies House registration), logo and stationery, signage of vehicles and buildings, promotinal materials (leaflets, adverts, videos, slide presentations, sales materials, gifts) launch of the new identity at a major trade show etc etc.

But it is often the things you forget which are just asimportant if not more so. The internal presentations to the boards of directors to convince them it was no only necessary but right, the internal presentations to make sure everyone understands the reasons and is emotionally on-board, the elements which are not visible to the outside world such as ensuring that all of the old identity disappears on day 1 and the new identity is consistently applied. If, however, the change is more than a makeover and represents a change in the business model there may well be the need for training rpogrammes to couple the change in brand with a change in positioning, a new way of doings things and a new approach to the market.

Anyone who has gone through such a programme has to learn some new skills and learn them quickly and the irony is that you are unlikley to use them a second time in your career as changing a company's identity is rare and does come along very often. In my case it was 20 years before I had to do it a second time, and remarkably, like London buses I had to do five changes in the following eighteen months.

Listed below are some of the images and company names we have created."
















Updated: 16 July, 2012
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