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5-Step Marketing Programme

Our flagship course, this seminar builds on the core content of the one day course but includes in-depth modules on each of the topic areas. It has been used to train business owners and business support advisors - such as Business Link and its equivalents abroad - in the fundamentals of marketing as applied to the smaller business allowing participants to fully understand the thinking as well constraints imposed by scale. The course covers all the knowledge and understanding needed to market the smaller businesses.



Small business owners, MDs and those responsible for growing the business such as marketing and sales management.


Three day (four day with the addition of case studies)


1. To give participants a full understanding of marketing and its role in the business.

2. To show how marketing is a process and how that process can be used to problem-solve constraints on business growth and profitability.

3. To explore all the elements of modern marketing and fit them together into a plan.


 See Optional module page for modules which fit into this structure

Where are we now?
• The scope of marketing and how it fits in with other functions in the smaller business
• Step-1 - The marketing audit

Where do we want to be?
• Step-2 - Marketing objectives, intermediary metrics and the revenue pipeline

How do we get there?
Marketing strategy - where the battle is won or lost:

• Step-3 - Marketing strategy

• Step-4 - Marketing mix:  Product, Place,Price, Promotion and other elements of the modern marketing mix.

• Step-5 - Marketing plan


Comprehensive notes plus electronic copies of the presentation materials in PowerPoint.



Note: previously know as the 7-Step Marketing Programme.



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